National Election Changes 2 in Pohnpei and Maintains All State Representatives

PALIKIR, POHNPEI. March 9, 2023– Unofficial results of the National Elections on March 08, 2023, showed two incumbents from Pohnpei state losing their seats while the rest of the states maintained and returned their current representatives.

The unofficial results from the National Elections Offices in the states are as follows in alphabetical order of the states:

For the State of Chuuk:  the at-large, four-year state incumbent, Wesley W. Simina maintained his seat with 12,756 votes against Gillian N. Doone’s 3,711 votes and Nakama Sana’s 3,693 votes;

For the state’s Congressional Election District (ED) 1, incumbent Florencio Singkoro Harper retained his seat with2,940 votes over Juan K. Martin’s 563 votes; for ED2, incumbent Victor Vicky Gouland retained his seat with 3,262 votes against the 277 votes for Tainiro K. Killion; for ED3, incumbent Perpetua S. Konman maintained her seat with 3,572 votes over the 3,280 votes for Myron Hashiguchi; meanwhile in ED4, incumbent Tiwiter Aritos ran unopposed and received 3,985 votes; and finally in ED 5, incumbent Robson U. Romolow swept his region with 1,155 votes over the 370 votes for Ruphin Micky and 580 votes for Zander Refilong.

For the State of Kosrae, the unofficial results show at-large and four-year candidate Aren B. Palik led with 1,836 votes over Yoslyn G. Sigrah with 1,029 votes.  Incumbent Paliknoa K. Welly ran unopposed for the two-year seat and received 2,514 votes.

The unofficial results for the State of Pohnpei showed that the at-large and four-year incumbent Peter M. Christian maintained his seat with 4,467 votes over the 3,906 votes for William N. Kostka; the 2,225 votes for Welson Panuel and the 2,045 votes for David W. Panuelo.

For Pohnpei state’s ED1, candidate Merlyn Abello-Alfonso won the two-year seat with 2,128 votes over incumbent Ferny S. Perman who had 1,682 votes; for ED 2, candidate Quincy Lawrence’s 3057 votes unseated incumbent Dion G. Neth who had 2,064 votes; and for Pohnpei state’s ED3, incumbent Esmond B. Moses maintained his seat with 2,159 votes over the 1,531 votes for Erick Paul.

And finally, the unofficial results from the State of Yap indicate that the at-large and four-year incumbent Joseph J. Urusemal maintained his seat with 2,110 votes over his opponent Fidelis Thiyer Fanoway who received 168 votes. For the two-year seat, incumbent Isaac V. Figir was unopposed and received 2283 votes.

Following certification of the official results of the 2023 National Elections, the successful candidates will then be Members-elect of the new Congressional Body to be sworn into office on May 11, 2023.

Upon taking the Oath of Office, they become Members of the Twenty Third Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia effective May 11, 2023 thru May 11, 2025.