The Delegation Offices serve as the official contact point for citizens to reach their elected representatives to the FSM Congress in each of the four states

Functions and Responsibilities:


A.  The members of the delegation shall designate a chairman who may serve as allottee of funds appropriate for the delegation by the Speaker.

B. It shall serve as a contact point between citizens and their representatives in Congress. Receive information from citizens and residents of the FSM and from state and local governments concerning their needs. Disseminate information to citizens and residents of the state to assist them in understanding the laws and policies as articulated by Congress. Establish or support forums for discussion of issues of public concern and assist citizens and residents of the state in accessing services from and in otherwise working with the FSM National Government.

C. The delegation office shall serve as a contact point between the FSM Congress, government officials and dignitaries visiting the state from other states, or from abroad.

D. As a member of the community, the delegation office shall uphold and engender respect for customs and traditions of the community, and perform obligations customarily expected of a member of the community.

E. The delegation office shall cooperate with and assist members of Congress, central staff of Congress and staff of the other delegations in the conduct of their duties and shall perform such other functions as may be requested by Congress.