Vice Speaker Moses welcomes Utwe Congregation to Congress

PALIKIR, POHNPEI - On July 26, 2017, Vice Speaker Esmond B. Moses welcomed eighty members of the Utwe Congregational Church in the State of Kosrae, led by Reverend Renster Andrew and Senator Josaiah Waguk.

The purpose of the congregation’s visit to Pohnpei was to hold a Christian fellowship with the Kosraen community living in the State of Pohnpei.  For many of its members, it was their first visit to Pohnpei and especially their chance to visit their Nation’s capital in Palikir and tour the national offices.

The Vice Speaker was joined by Senator Ferny S. Perman to welcome the Utwe Congregation to the Legislative Branch of their national government. Vice Speaker Moses expressed the collective appreciation of Congress for the visits by members of the communities, especially communities from the other island states.  He welcomed the congregation and expressed the affinity the Nation has with church and thanked them for being a pillar of the Micronesian island communities.

Reverend Andrew thanked Vice Speaker Moses for the warm welcome and shared the group’s purpose in Pohnpei.  Following the exchange of pleasantries, the visiting congregation shared a few heartwarming hymns and the day’s visit was wrapped up with refreshments provided by the Vice Speaker. 


* * *