32 Petitions Filed for National Elections 2019

PALIKIR, POHNPEI. November 9, 2018– The Office of the Speaker has received from the

National Election office the list of petitions filed for the March 2019 national elections for the forthcoming Congressional Body.   

According to the list, 32 candidates from across the Nation filed their petitions to vie for the 14 seats in the upcoming Twenty First Congress of the Federated State of Micronesia. The new Congress would, in addition to deciding its leadership, also select from among its at-Large or four-year Members the next President and Vice President of the Nation.

The FSM Congress is a unicameral or one-body comprised of 14 members.  Four members are elected at-Large representing each state for a 4-year term while the remaining 10 members are elected per electoral district as apportioned by population to serve a 2-year term.

The candidates according to the list are as follows:


Fifteen candidates filed for the six seats for the state of Chuuk and they are:

For the at-Large or 4-year seat:

1. Eriano E. Eram

2. Wesley W. Simina (incumbent)


For the 2-year seats as apportioned per population or Election District (ED), they are:


1. Florencio Singkoro Harper (incumbent)

2. Mithasy b. Mark

ED 2.

1. Victor (Vicky) Gouland (incumbent)

ED 3.

1. Derensio S. Konman (incumbent)

2. Eflove F. Mailos

ED. 4

1. Tiwiter Aritos (incumbent)

2. Smith K. Paulus

3. Manuel Rawit


1. Arisao Aichem

2. Joseph Konno, Jr.

3. Vidalino Jones Raatior

4. Zander Refilong

5. Robson Urak Romolow (incumbent)


For the state of Kosrae, four candidates filed for the state’s two seats and they are Yosiwo P. George and Aren B. Palik vying for the at-Large or 4-year seat while the 2-year seat has incumbent Paliknoa K. Welly being challenged by Johnson A. Asher.

According to the list received at the Congress, ten candidates filed for Pohnpei State’s four seats, and they are:

For the at-Large or 4-year seat:

1. Peter M. Christian

2. David W. Panuelo (incumbent)


1. Ferny Perman (incumbent)

2. Merlynn Abello-Alfonso


1. Quincy Lawrence

2. Berney Martin

3. Dion G. Neth (incumbent)

4. Herman Semes, Jr.


1. Marstella E. Jack

2. Esmond B. Moses (incumbent)

For the two seats for the state of Yap, three candidates filed their petitions:

Only the incumbent Joseph J. Urusemal filed his petition for the state’s at-large or 4-year seat. Incumbent Isaac V. Figir is being challenged by Fidelis Thiyer-Fanoway for the state of Yap’s 2-year seat. 

The national election is slated for March 05, 2019 and will seat the members of the Twenty First Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.


* * *