Congress Delays January Session for Committee Works

PALIKIR, POHNPEI – January 09, 2018.  Speaker Wesley W. Simina has delayed the January Session or the Third Regular Session of the 20th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia from January 10th to convene instead on the 29th.

Speaker Simina’s letter to President Peter M. Christian explained that the slight delay is to “accommodate the hearing schedules of the committees, and other parliamentary obligations of the Congress.” It is also hoped that the delay would allow the Department of Finance to “reconcile the national accounts and allow for a more accurate picture” for the finances of the Nation.

The session to be convened on the 29th will be for the 20-day duration of a regular session unless extended or shortened by resolution.

Regular Sessions of the Congress of the FSM, as amended by Public Law 13-59, are to be held three times a year:  on the 10th of January, 11th of May and 12th of September unless a different date is set by the Presiding Officer with consensus of three-fourths of the members.  The duration of a Regular Session is 20 days unless extended or shortened by Resolution.

The sessions of the Congress are open to all interested members of the general public.

* * *