Incumbents Maintain Seats in Upcoming 22nd Congress

PALIKIR, POHNPEI. March 17, 2021 -  The people of the Federated States of Micronesia have decided to that the incumbent in the recent national elections will maintain their seats in the upcoming Twenty Second Congress, according to the National Election Office.

In line with the Presidential Decree of February 25th extending the cut-off date for mail-in ballots to 5pm on March 16, 2021, the Office of the National Elections Director received, tallied and certified on the 17th of March, the results of the National Elections that was held on March 2, 2021.

On March 2nd, the nation went to the polls to elect their two-year members or Congressional District Representatives in the upcoming Twenty Second FSM Congress.  The FSM Congress is a unicameral legislative body comprised of 14 members, four of which are elected at-large per state and serve a 4-year term while the remaining 10 members serve 2-year terms as apportioned per state population.

According to the official results which included the mail-in ballots, all two-year members of the current Congress will maintain their seats in the upcoming Twenty Second FSM Congress. The incumbents are as follows:

For the five members in state of Chuuk, in Congressional Election District One (the Mortlock Islands) incumbent Florencio Singkoro Harper with 2,181 votes was unopposed.

For Chuuk’s Congressional Election District Two (Northern Namoneas), incumbent Victor Vicky Gouland lead with 3,162 votes against challenger Johnson Elimo with 1,099 votes.

In Southern Namoneas or Congressional Election District Three, incumbent Derensio S. Konman ran unopposed and received 4,419 votes.

In Congressional Election District Four (Faichuuk Region), incumbent Tiwiter Aritos also ran unopposed and received 4,053 votes.

And finally, for the Chuuk State, incumbent Robson U. Romolow of Congressional Election District Five (Northwest & Halls Region) maintained his seat with 1,318 votes over Ruphin Micky who finished the race with 712 votes.

For the state of Kosrae, incumbent Palikonoa K. Welly retained his seat with a lead of 1,916 votes over challenger Johnson A. Asher who trailed behind with 1,335 votes.

All 2-year term representatives in Pohnpei State were challenged as follows:
In Congressional Election District One (Kolonia, Sokehs, Sapwuahfik, Nukuoro and Kapingamarangi), incumbent Ferny S. Perman led with 2,244 votes over challenger Ausen T. Lambert who had 2,127 votes.

For Congressional Election District Two (Kitti and Madolenihmw), incumbent Dion G. Neth beat out his challengers with a total of 1,954 votes against the 1,601 votes for Quincy Lawrence and 932 votes for Berney Martin.

And finally, in ED.3 (Nett, U, Mwoakilloah and Pingelap), incumbent Esmond B. Moses was ahead of his challengers with 1,697 votes. Erick Paul trailed behind with 1,291 votes while Jose (Kose) Joab closed out with 490 votes and Marstella E. Jack with 331 votes.

In the state of Yap, incumbent Isaac V. Figir was unopposed with a total votes 2,314 votes.

The 10 winning candidates for the two-year representative seats, along with the at-large representative will make up the Members of the upcoming 22nd Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia to be sworn in on May 11, 2021.  


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